Can My Neighbor Lean Things On My Fence?


Disputes between neighbors can arise for various reasons, many of which can be extremely stressful and difficult to deal with. Disagreements of this nature cause a great deal of strife and, in some circumstances, outright conflict. It can be aggravating if your neighbor decides to start leaning or attaching stuff to your fence. When it … Read more

Can You Put A Fire Pit Over A Septic Tank?


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Can You Put a Fire Pit Under a Canopy?


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Can You Park a Boat on The Street or Driveway?


The fact that you have a boat is, without a doubt, the most beneficial quality of being a boat owner. You can accomplish what many landlubbers yearn to do: get out on the water. You can also sail the high seas or glide across the reflected serenity of the lake on cool April afternoons or … Read more

Can You Put a Paddling Pool on Artificial Grass?


In-ground pools can be costly, especially for homeowners on a tight budget or those who want to use their outdoor spaces for various purposes. One answer to these problems and concerns is to choose an inexpensive, nonpermanent paddling pool that their children and guests can enjoy during the summer, and that can be dismantled in … Read more

Neighbor Keeps Looking Over The Fence: What To Do?


A good fence is supposed to set a barrier between you and your fellow neighbors where you reside. You might have well gone an extra mile making your fence as high as possible in order to suit your comfortability, but you can’t help but notice that nosy neighbor who keeps looking and peeking over the … Read more

5+ Possible Reasons Why Your Pillow Smell


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Can You Put a Swing Set on Artificial Grass?


Glimpse to the sky, the feel of earth and wind on the face. When you play outdoors, the fun is doubled, after all, in addition to having fun, you keep in touch with nature; and this is the proposal for the swing. The plaything breaks the routine and allows the sensation of flight in you, … Read more

Can You Put a Hot Tub on Artificial Grass?


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How to Get a Car Towed From Your Driveway Legally?


Whether it involves pulling back into an empty parking space or finding someone else’s car blocking your driveway, everyone has to deal with the towing process at some point. Having a car towed is a colossal headache. In addition to the mishap of being without the car in the middle of the street, the owner … Read more