My Neighbors Are Burning Trash: What Can I Do?


Most times, we live around people who do not know how to dispose of trash properly. But what’s more frustrating is having neighbors who prefer to burn their trash, caring less about the effect of their poor trash disposal habits on the environment. Is your neighbor’s trash-burning habit a constant source of worry to you? … Read more

Can I Put Spike Strips in My Driveway? (And Is It Legal?)


Certain homeowners may go to any extent of restricting others from using or accessing a portion of their properties. This practice can be needed to a certain extent, but the risk will remain. One major restriction homeowners tend to go head-on with is spike strips to protect their driveway. One of the ways private homeowners … Read more

Can You Burn Wood in a Coal Stove?


Have you thought about how expensive it is to keep a house warm? The cost also depends on the size of your home. If your home is massive, be ready to spend a fortune to keep it warm during the cold winter period.  And what’s more, the cost of heating isn’t decreasing anytime soon. It’s … Read more

Can I Pepper Spray My Neighbor’s Dog? (And Cat)?


If you reside in a neighborhood with tons of dogs roaming the street, simple tasks like jogging, walking, or stepping out of your home can be challenging. You have heard reports and seen people that got beaten by a dog in the same neighborhood. So, certainly, you would want to tread with caution. Having a self-defense … Read more

How To Get a Car Towed For Parking in Front of Your House?


Waking up one morning or coming back from work only to find cars parked in front of your house can be annoying. Sometimes, most of these car owners might even block your driveway, preventing you from entering or leaving your driveway.  The easy way to handle people that love parking their cars in front of … Read more

Can You Park Your Car on the Grass?


It’s your car. Thus, by right, there’s nothing wrong if you have it parked on your lawn. After all, it’s yours. You’re also not obstructing anyone’s views or inconveniencing anyone by parking your car on your property.  Well, you’re correct for thinking that way. But first, ask yourself, can I park my car on the … Read more

Neighbor Keeps Calling Police on Me. What To Do?


You decided to rest and have a great time. But a couple of minutes into your relaxation, someone knocks on your door. You peeped through the window, and shockingly, it was the police.  When you open and ask what brought them to your doorsteps, they tell you a neighbor complained to them about you. It … Read more

What Happens When You Call Animal Control on a Neighbor?


It’s now clear to you that your neighbor doesn’t care about their pet. They mistreat the pet, and sometimes, the pet winds up in your yard. No sane human would witness animal cruelty done another and not react. But then, when you alert animal control about your neighbor’s behavior towards their pet, how would the … Read more

Can My Neighbor Paint My Fence? (And Nail Things?)


There’s a fence between your property and your neighbor’s. But your neighbor thinks the side of your fence facing them, belongs to them. Because of that, they went ahead and painted it.  If you have ever fought a fencing war before, you won’t know how serious such issues can get. These issues are also prevalent … Read more