10+ Amazing Ways to Protect Chickens From Weasels


Doesn’t it sound interesting that a weasel’s body color is similar to bread and cheese? Well, don’t be fooled. This tiny, flattened head creature carries huge black eyes that stick out on its face, with little wicked paws and legs creating nothing more than a centimeter long track and graced by sharp, hairy claws. All … Read more

Can I Pee in My Backyard? (Is It Against Law?)


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Can You Shoot Pigeons in Your Garden? (Is it Legal?)


They are well-known for being quite lovely birds. Who are we talking about? Pigeons. A pigeon has a fairly peaceful demeanor with a skin saddle between the beak and the forehead. This stout seed- or fruit-eating bird is characterized by a tiny head, short legs, and a cooing voice. Soft, chubby, and small-billed. It never … Read more

How To Keep Neighbors Vines Out of The Yard? 


Neighbor’s vines creeping into your yard can be very frustrating. Most times, the vines are not something you want in your yard. Worse if the neighbor doesn’t take care or trim his fence. You wonder why you should be the one trimming and cleaning, and the vines don’t even belong to you. Dead leaves that … Read more

Can You Park Cars in Your Backyard? (And Front Lawn?)


Nothing beats a well-kept and maintained garden. Every individual who truly desires that their homes should feel like forts consider personal design for their backyards. You have the opportunity to enjoy a piece of nature, all to yourself. The children have a place to play, you have a place to entertain friends, barbecue, and eat … Read more

Is It Legal To Shoot Squirrels With a Pellet Gun? (Or BB Gun?)


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Neighbors Dumping Rubbish on My Property: How to Stop Them?


Even if the garbage is on your neighbor’s property, you can expect a disturbance when it comes to waste. Some garbage has a foul odor, which is worse if the garbage is thrown in your yard. Having neighbors is wonderful if you get along with them and don’t encounter any problems. However, if your neighbors … Read more

Can You Leave a Fire Pit Burning Overnight? (Why Not?)


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Spilled Gasoline on Grass: What To Do?


I’m sure you’re well aware of the significance of gasoline in our daily lives, from powering our automobile engines to domestic uses such as generators for our homes. However, gasoline is not required for everything in our homes. Accidents do happen, and when they do, we work hard to find solutions as well as ways … Read more

Can My Neighbor Grow Ivy on My Fence? (And How to Stop it)


It is evergreen. Beautiful, decorative, and produces a large number of heart-shaped leaves in various colors. Of course, it is extensively farmed, but owing to its fast development, it isn’t always necessary. Ivy is a creeping vine that smothers structures and sprawls across the ground. It isn’t shy to show its aggressive growth- at all. … Read more