Are White Moths Rare? (Or Common)


White moths can be confused with wasps because these insects share similar shapes and coloration. However, key differences help you to tell the difference between them. Thus, most people end up asking are white moths rare. This post is for you if you are curious to learn about white moths, including whether they are standard … Read more

Are There Pink Butterflies? (Nopes)


From time to time, you will see yellow, orange, white, and green butterflies flying around your home garden. But have you ever come across a butterfly with a pink appearance? Well, are there pink butterflies? This is one of the most commonly asked questions that leave butterfly enthusiasts in a dilemma. Fortunately, after intensive and … Read more

Does Borax Kill Spiders? (Answered)


Spiders are among the most threat-posing insects to humans due to their poison, appearance, and disease-carrying nature. Therefore, most people look for effective solutions to eliminate these insects. As various chemical compositions are effective and less effective in killing spiders, most people ask if borax kills spiders. When killing spiders and other insects, it is … Read more

Does Raid Kill Carpet Beetles? (Answered)


Carpet beetles can destroy your carpet fabrics if you do not take action immediately. Using Raid is one solution most homeowners use to eradicate these pesky insects from the carpet. But is it effective enough in killing the adult beetles plus their eggs? This guide looks at how to use different Raid insecticide products to … Read more

Does Pine Sol Keep Mosquitoes Away? (Answered)


Pine sol is a cleaning agent that kills bacteria, cleans, and removes unwanted particles from surfaces around the house. Regardless, homeowners use it as a secondary resort to repel pests, bugs, and pesky insects at home. The pungent smell will repel mosquitoes and ants, for example. Note that mosquitoes repel the smell of lemon, pine, … Read more

Are Luna Moths & Caterpillars Poisonous?

Luna Moths

Most moths are harmless. But caterpillars, not so much. Besides, the Luna moths are not rare but difficult to spot. These nocturnal insects live for about 7 to 10 days and have lime-green wings with white bodies. During their few days living in forested ares, they go through their entire life cycle (from larvae to … Read more