Neighbors Kid Keeps Coming Into My Yard: What To Do?


Nothing is more annoying than privacy intrusion! Among the top things on one’s wishlist when returning home from a busy day in peace and tranquillity. However, the reverse is the case when your neighbor’s kids are around the corner. They could bump into your house hundreds of times without your consent. Although kids are naturally … Read more

Neighbor Keeps Slamming Door: What to Do?


Slamming the door is a very vicious form of disturbance, usually getting into the ears and sometimes the brain. The slamming and jamming of doors is so penetrating, and re-echo over a far disturbance. While some control measures can be put in place to curb the vicious slamming of doors. Measures, such as cautiously handling … Read more

Neighbor Keeps Knocking on My Door: What to Do?


It’s irritating to have some neighbors who knock on your door consistently, but having them do it early in the morning or late at night is completely unacceptable. If you have this problem frequently, you should find out how to stop the neighbor from banging on your door as soon as possible! I know you … Read more

Neighbors Keep Feeding Squirrels: What To Do?


We’ve all got a neighbor who is passionate about caring for animals. As a person, you may find it upsetting to witness them engage in this behavior. But there are certain things you can do to avoid chaos with your neighbor. Even though squirrels aren’t aggressive, they’ve got a lot of confidence in their bushy … Read more

Neighbors Playing In Front of My House: What To Do?


Living in a house or an apartment is no joke! Many house owners face privacy issues and have tolerated neighbors playing around their premises. You may have to deal with intruding or playful neighbors at every interval, even after establishing regulations to safeguard people and prevent intrusion. If you’re in that category, the question you’d love … Read more

My Neighbor Keeps Using My Washer and Dryer: What to Do?


It can be somewhat frustrating when a neighbor keeps using your washer and dryer, but what do you think you can do in that situation? One thing is that your washer and dryer are for your personal use, the regular washer and dryer in your home are not made for heavy laundry. That’s why there … Read more

Can My Neighbor Steal My Electricity? (And How To Check it?)


What comes to mind when you think about electricity? Many people visualize a wire coming out of the wall and connecting to a socket, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of the energy it generates. As much as it’s a resource everyone has access to, the news goes around that some miscreants still decide to … Read more

Neighbor Keeps Honking Horn: What to Do?


Everyone enjoys being in a calm and relaxing setting. Perhaps you’d like to take a nap, and it’s not new about how much we humans all enjoy having a quiet place to live and enjoy life. However, do you have a neighbor that constantly honks their horn and continues to disturb you? Don’t worry, I’ll … Read more

Neighbor Keeps Stealing My Packages: What to Do?


Are you concerned about your packages being stolen? And do you think it was your neighbor who did it? Package stealing is a federal crime that is aggravated when it comes to parcels and packages delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS). You’re undoubtedly stumped as to how to deal with this issue. This … Read more

Neighbor’s Dog Scratched My Car: What Can I Do?


Nobody wants to experience something like this: A man parked his car in his driveway and woke up the next morning to find scratches made by a dog paw on the rear wing of his car. He found out later through the help of an installed camera that his next-door neighbor’s dog chased a squirrel … Read more