Neighbor Connected To My Fence Without Permission: What To Do?


Most times, houses are built so close to the neighboring property that you share the same fence. Often, the law assumes that a fence located directly on the property line benefits both homeowners equally. But what happens when all of a sudden, your neighbor decides to connect to your fence without permission, should he have … Read more

Neighbor Keeps Mowing My Lawn: What to Do?


Lawns tend to beautify homes and help maintain ecological balance in our environment. How? They serve as an ideal habitat for soil organisms. In the United States, statistics show that about 81 percent of houses have lawns. Lawns beautify compounds giving the eyes strokes of green colors. However, there are a series of potential problems … Read more

Neighbor’s House Alarm Keeps Going Off: What To Do?


We’ve all got that neighbor whose alarm keeps going off every time we are about to take a nap after a long stressful day at work. We try not to be bothered because we think it happens, and there’s always no cause for alarm or emergencies. Deep down, the noise can be very annoying and … Read more

Neighbor Attached Trellis To My Fence: What to Do?


A trellis is an outdoor engineered frame that you can use to grow vines and other climbing plants alike. It is fixed to the wall to train the plants in the pattern of preferred growth to beautify the wall. You can construct your trellis from various materials. These include but are not limited to metal, … Read more

Is It Illegal To Park In Front of A Mailbox?


When installing a mailbox for the first time, you may be stunned to discover how many regulations there are. To deliver your mail, the area around your mailbox must be free of obstructions for the mail carrier. It’s possible that you won’t get your mail that day if your mailbox is restricted somehow. Is it … Read more

Can My Neighbor Lean Things On My Fence?


Disputes between neighbors can arise for various reasons, many of which can be extremely stressful and difficult to deal with. Disagreements of this nature cause a great deal of strife and, in some circumstances, outright conflict. It can be aggravating if your neighbor decides to start leaning or attaching stuff to your fence. When it … Read more

Neighbor Keeps Looking Over The Fence: What To Do?


A good fence is supposed to set a barrier between you and your fellow neighbors where you reside. You might have well gone an extra mile making your fence as high as possible in order to suit your comfortability, but you can’t help but notice that nosy neighbor who keeps looking and peeking over the … Read more

Can I Throw My Neighbor’s Branches Back?


Trees have a lot of economical value, environmental value, and health value also. They tend to have some demerits too, but this article is going to talk about only a part of the demerits which deal with tree parts that may cause disputes between you and your neighbor. One such thing is if it is … Read more

My Neighbor Keeps Looking at Me: What To Do?


Intimacy is what you long for, which is linked to being with yourself, without the intervention of third parties, the curiosity of others, a place where you will find your peace and balance to enjoy everything convenient for you. That’s one of the reasons you made sure you rented or built a house in a … Read more

Can You Put Spikes on Your Fence? (And Is It Illegal?)


Personal and property safety has become an increasing concern for most people both in residential and industrial settings. Security of lives and properties is very important. As a house owner, your entitlement is to protect your home and property with a fence. Also, security fence spikes, barbed wire, and razor tape are adequate security to … Read more