Is Peeing On Someone a Crime? (Or on Someone’s Property)


It’s unheard of. Bringing out your genitals to pee on someone else. It’s perfectly natural to feel nature’s call, but it’s important to know that nobody will want another person’s pee on him or her, urine is a waste that should be disposed of properly. Considering various circumstances that might lead to peeing on someone … Read more

Neighbor’s Yard is Higher Than Mine: What To Do?


If you are the homeowner of a property level than your neighbors, you know the struggles that come with it. Erosion, pooling water, and blowing debris can be a constant problem. Also, if you’re like most people, you take pride in your yard, and spend time and money making sure it looks just the way … Read more

Neighbor Keeps Looking in My Windows: What Should I Do?


Is your next-door neighbor spying on you through your window and keeping tabs on your whereabouts? Do they seem to know information about your private life that you haven’t shared with them? Having this impression that you are being monitored, even in your own house, can significantly impact every aspect of your life. Every year, … Read more

Neighbor’s Car Alarm Keeps Going off: What To Do?


Everyone likes a quiet and secure environment. Imagine you’re sleeping at night, but the neighbor’s car alarm won’t go off. Of course, you will be outraged, but the car alarm will stop after a short time. Let’s now take it further, what if the so-called car alarm keeps going off? Firstly you were angry at … Read more

Can My Neighbor Hear My Cell Phone Conversations?


A lot of personal information is stored on your cell phone. In addition to sending and receiving emails and texts, making phone calls, and listening to voicemails, you also use your cell phone for social networking, creating and sharing files and images, and so much more! Is it possible that all of that sensitive information … Read more

Neighbors Keep Lighting Off Fireworks: What to Do?


Fireworks seem like the perfect thing to use during celebrations in many countries, most especially the Fourth of July which is a time for celebrating America’s independence with parades and barbecues. No one can deny that fireworks are visually stunning. However, for some people, the sound of fireworks can be unbearable. Your neighbors are lighting … Read more