Can My Neighbor Paint My Fence? (And Nail Things?)


There’s a fence between your property and your neighbor’s. But your neighbor thinks the side of your fence facing them, belongs to them. Because of that, they went ahead and painted it.  If you have ever fought a fencing war before, you won’t know how serious such issues can get. These issues are also prevalent … Read more

How To Get Rid of Roaches Coming From Neighbors?


Have you experienced or experiencing a roach infestation problem? By now, you must have realized that it’s a never-ending battle. Unfortunately, if there’s an adjoining wall between your house and another, or you reside in a shared apartment block, you could face a roach infestation issue if your neighbor’s house is a breeding ground.    … Read more

How To Avoid Talking To Neighbors? (Reasons to Avoid Them)


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Do Hot Tubs Attract Mosquitoes? (And 6 Ways To Keep Them Away)


Mosquitoes are one of the most dreaded insects and everyone hates having them around. They are not just pesky and annoying creatures, but sometimes they carry life-threatening diseases. But since we all know that mosquitoes are attracted to water, humidity, heat, .and people grouped together, could your hot tube be the perfect place for a … Read more

Are Backyard Fire Pits Legal?


Sometimes when it is chilly out, relaxing in front of a nice bonfire is an excellent idea or you might just like that smoky flavor gotten from a tasty meal prepared over a wood fire. Either way, a firepit is one of the most common answers in each situation. There is just something primal in … Read more