My Neighbor Runs a Generator all Night (Is It Rude)?


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My Neighbor Moved My Trashcan (How to Stop Them)?


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Can My Neighbor Record My Backyard (And My Property)?


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Neighbor’s House Fire Damaged My House: What To Do?


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Neighbor Damaged My Fence (Should I Call Police?)


One of the most prevalent causes of conflict between neighbors is disagreements about fences. The owners often share the cost and responsibilities of fence upkeep and repairs on each side of a property line where a fence is erected. Fences damaged on one side of a property line can cause a neighbor to feel aggrieved … Read more

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Do Chipmunks Keep Mice Away: What to Know?


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How To Tell If a Chipmunk is Dying?


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Neighbor’s Construction Damaged My House: What to Do?


It starts with the rumble of dump trucks and bulldozers early on a Saturday morning, right next to your house. While some may see it as progress, you see the ongoing work next door as a nuisance and a potential invasion of your land borders and property rights. And what’s worse? You returned home from … Read more