Does Ajax Kill Insects? (Detailed Guide)


Ajax is an all-purpose cleaner used to clean multiple surfaces. It contains a 94% biodegradable formula with a recyclable cap. Homeowners use Ajax cleaner as a secondary product to eliminate pesky insects at home. However, you can choose Ajax bleach or Ajax dishwashing liquid to deter insects from your indoor space. Yes, Ajax is very … Read more

Does Raid Kill Ants? (Yes. It Works)


Insects can crawl your space if you do not maintain proper hygiene. You should also remember that insects, especially ants, are attracted to locations with food. Fire ants, for example, will match into your kitchen if you leave scattered greasy leftovers on the floor, cupboards, or top surfaces. Hence, you need a permanent solution to … Read more

Does Pine Sol Kill Ants? (Yes. It Will)


Pine sol is a multipurpose cleaning agent with many household uses. Most homeowners use this product to clean and disinfect surfaces around the house because of its availability in several flavors. But will pine sol kill ants? This article looks at the many uses of pine sol around the home and its effectiveness in dealing … Read more

Do Moths Come From Caterpillars? (Answer Inside)

Luna Moths

Are you aware that there are more than 160,000 species of moths in the world? Moths are pretty interesting, even if they may not be as visually appealing as their cousins, the butterflies. More people appear to be more familiar with the history of the butterfly than the moth. But did you know that the … Read more

Does Pine Sol Kill Spiders? (Answered)


Spiders are natural pest control arthropods preying on crawling pests in your garden and lawn. However, they can be a nuisance in your home, especially if you do not control their increasing population around the home. Some species can be venomous and cause severe damage to the skin if they bite you, while others are … Read more

Does Raid Kill Wasps? (Yes. But How?)


Wasps are tiny flying insects usually found in the homestead’s garden. They play an important role in keeping the ecosystem balanced by pollinating flowers, feeding on other pests & a few invertebrates. Today, there are several species of wasps across the globe. When left unmanaged, wasps can be a nuisance at home. They have a … Read more

Does Windex or Fabuloso Kill Roaches? (Quick Answer)


You’re cleaning your house when you see a few roaches running across the floor in an attempt to hide. Instead of buying insecticides, you wonder if you can kill the roaches using cleaning supplies. You’re holding a bottle of Windex, and you wonder, does Windex kills roaches? If it works, as discussed in this article, … Read more

Will a Porch Light Keep Raccoons Away? (And Wind Chimes)


Raccoons are wild and curious mammals that usually invade human settlements to look for worms & insects or dine in the garbage can. You might want to keep these mid-size animals away from your property because they might chew flowers in the garden & lawn or cause property damage. Female raccoons, for example, will damage … Read more

Is Toothpaste Poisonous to Mice? (We Know Answer)


Rodents are stubborn small to medium-sized rodents that thrive within human settlements. Most will scavenge the trash, destroy property, and spread diseases. As a homeowner, you should understand all the practical techniques for dealing with these persistent creatures. Using toothpaste is one technique for addressing this issue and dealing with mice. But will it be … Read more

Does Pyrethrin Kill Nematodes? (Truth Revealed)


The destruction of a lovely garden by nematodes can be very upsetting. The spread of these parasites from infected plants to other plants is difficult to prevent. There are, however, various ways to kill or deter nematodes from damaging your garden. Pyrethrin has been mentioned as one of the methods. However, does pyrethrin kill nematodes? … Read more