Can You Park Your Car on the Grass?


It’s your car. Thus, by right, there’s nothing wrong if you have it parked on your lawn. After all, it’s yours. You’re also not obstructing anyone’s views or inconveniencing anyone by parking your car on your property.  Well, you’re correct for thinking that way. But first, ask yourself, can I park my car on the … Read more

Neighbor Keeps Calling Police on Me. What To Do?


You decided to rest and have a great time. But a couple of minutes into your relaxation, someone knocks on your door. You peeped through the window, and shockingly, it was the police.  When you open and ask what brought them to your doorsteps, they tell you a neighbor complained to them about you. It … Read more

Can My Neighbor Paint My Fence? (And Nail Things?)


There’s a fence between your property and your neighbor’s. But your neighbor thinks the side of your fence facing them, belongs to them. Because of that, they went ahead and painted it.  If you have ever fought a fencing war before, you won’t know how serious such issues can get. These issues are also prevalent … Read more

How To Get Rid of Roaches Coming From Neighbors?


Have you experienced or experiencing a roach infestation problem? By now, you must have realized that it’s a never-ending battle. Unfortunately, if there’s an adjoining wall between your house and another, or you reside in a shared apartment block, you could face a roach infestation issue if your neighbor’s house is a breeding ground.    … Read more

How To Avoid Talking To Neighbors? (Reasons to Avoid Them)


Every person is different. Some people enjoy keeping to themselves, despite living in rented apartments with several neighbors. It’s hard for people to understand why you’re keeping to yourself. Some people can even call you an arrogant or weird human being.  The truth is it’s difficult to avoid talking to neighbors if you’re living in … Read more

Are Dryer Sheets Necessary? (And The Purpose of Using it?)


Dryer sheets are one of the essential elements in the entire laundry process. These sheets help reduce static and deposit scent, adding a final touch of softness and freshness to your clothes. In addition, the dryer sheet can eliminate or neutralize the effect of static in many fabrics. Dryer sheets are relatively cheap, and getting … Read more